Snare-Maimed but Saved—Bamboo’s Gripping Ongoing Tale

In the shadowed bamboo groves of Taiwan, a young dog named Bamboo found himself in a dire situation, leading to a family dog rescue mission that highlights the ongoing need for sustained support.

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A Nighttime Rescue

Our journey with Bamboo began three weeks on a dark evening. We’d received three photos and an urgent call for help from a kind lady who saw the shy stray limping around on a badly injured foot. Our founders, Sean and Judy, ventured into the night to find and rescue the young dog, ensnared and in pain.

Patience Helps Patients

Finding Bamboo was a challenge, but perseverance paid off. We discovered him hiding behind a retaining wall, injured but still hungry. With patience and a humane trap, we successfully secured him, his cautious nature giving way to his need for an easy meal.

Bamboo’s Medical Battle

At the vet, the grim reality of Bamboo’s injury was clear: a snare had severely maimed his front-left foot. Despite the severity, our vet respected our determination to save his leg, a commitment that embodies the spirit of our animal-rescue mission here in Taiwan. So Bamboo has been staying at the vet for almost a month now, getting all the care and treatment necessary for saving his foot from amputation. And it’s paying off. His leg is doing better and better, and the vet team only need to change his bandages every two days now instead of daily. And he may be able to be released from hospital this week!

A Ray of Hope and the Role of Regular Support

As Bamboo remains under careful medical care, there’s a glimmer of hope for his recovery from this terrible injury—without having to lose his paw. This positive turn is a testament to the skill and dedication of the veterinary team—and also to the kindness that rescued dogs like Bamboo receive from all around the world. Bamboo’s journey underscores the critical role of regular support through monthly donations. These subscriptions provide a steady stream of resources, allowing us to respond swiftly and effectively to emergencies just like Bamboo’s, no matter what time of night or day.

Join Our Monthly Donor Community

Your monthly contributions are the backbone of our rescue efforts. By becoming a monthly donor, you ensure that we have the necessary funds on hand to respond to emergencies and provide ongoing care for animals like Bamboo. Please consider setting up a recurring gift today. Your consistent support makes a real, lasting impact on the lives of animals in need.

We promise to keep you updated on Bamboo’s progress and the stories of other animals benefiting from your generosity. Stay tuned for more updates and heartfelt stories of transformation.

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