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How to Contact ACT

There are so many ways you can communicate with ACT without having to sniff butts or smell where we scented.


Send regular mail either to our UK charity office or straight to our Executive Directors' office in Taiwan

UK Office

c/o Axis Cloud Accounting
The Marlowe Innovation Centre
Marlowe Way, Ramsgate
Kent CT12 6FA
United Kingdom

Taiwan Office

The Cats’ Cradle
29 TingTao Street
SanZhi District, New Taipei City
Taiwan 25172


Our CEO Sean McCormack, helps run things in Taiwan, and you are always welcome to call or text him directly.

Please remember that Taiwan is ahead of the UK (GMT +8:00 hours). But you can call this number for emergencies at any time of night or day.

If you cannot reach Sean, you can contact Judy by phone on the number above. Judy is fluent in both Chinese and English.


For all enquiries, you can email our CEO, Sean McCormack, directly.

If Sean isn’t the right person you need, he will forward your email to the best person to help you.

If you prefer to email Taiwan’s Chief Association Director, Judy, you can do so via the email above. Judy can communicate very well in both English and Chinese.


See the map below for our locations. Then send a message to our Taiwan Facebook page to arrange your visit.

PLEASE NOTE: Our operations are entirely within Taiwan. Our registered UK charity address is not staffed and so cannot accept visitors.

You are more than welcome to come meet the animals and the ACT team at our sites in Taiwan any afternoon. Just be sure to contact us first so our staff will know to expect you.

Use one of the the Google Maps below to find our Taiwan locations.

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We can judge the heart of a person by their treatment of animals

ACT rescues hundreds of stray dogs and cats and wild animals from horrific cruelty at the hands of people who know better—around a quarter of our sanctuary dogs have lost at least one limb to cruel trapping devices that are illegal, yet we must keep pushing authorities to stop them. Our teams work tirelessly to catch and identify the perpetrators so that they can finally be put out of business.

We will never give up acting on behalf of the animals who need us—because kindness and compassion are what make the world a better place for us all. It’s a tough battle, but one we can win when good people stand behind us. Wherever you are, you can pledge to take action to improve the lives of suffering animals.

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