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In memory of Wong Yi, help ChiaYi's stray dogs

Memories of Henry

We were incredibly saddened and shocked to hear of Wong Yi’s passing on 11th March last year while out feeding and caring for the strays in his neighbourhood. Henry, as we knew him, had been a larger-than-life friend to ACT since we first met him and Angelika outside a western restaurant in Taipei back in 2004. Bonded in our love of animals and especially dogs, that meeting sparked nearly two decades of friendship and support for our animal-rescue mission.

Henry and Angelika bestowed kindness on our animal charity in many forms, but our deepest indebtedness to Henry was when he honoured us by agreeing to serve on the Board of Supervisors for the animal association we had just registered. Henry dedicated endless hours of travel, attendance, and mentorship over the next two years, and his seemingly magical deep understanding of people and organisations was tested and proven correct again and again.

Equally valued by us, alongside his incredible understanding of the struggles any organisation will face, Henry brought balance, fairness, and integrity to the Board—and that charismatic smile of his that followed and dissipated even the most heated of disagreements. Henry brought wisdom and sanity to the organisation and greatly appreciated friendship, loyalty, and laughter to me personally.

We were fortunate enough to speak to Henry on the phone the day before he passed. As always, the conversation was animated, and, typical of Henry, filled with advice, kindness, and his great sense of humour. Henry and Angelika wanted to make an online donation to the charity, even though we had just been the grateful recipients of a huge consignment of Henry’s latest book, which he was gifting the charity to help raise much-needed funds. He insisted on making the donation, even though he was having trouble with PayPal, and we laughed about how he may have just donated ten times instead of one and I would be too busy over the coming days to check so he should not expect a refund of any overpayment, and we’ll put it to good use, thank you.

Our conversations always ended with laughter like this, even if Henry was actually calling to tell me off for something I hadn’t done properly. During the call, I promised to come to ChiaYi very soon, as he and Angelika always appreciated our company as fellow dog lovers and friends, and we loved being in their presence, especially at their beautiful home in the countryside. It was always comforting for my wife and me that such esteemed people as Henry and Angelika were just like us, with a home filled with the grateful love of a number of rescued stray dogs. I looked forward to enjoying a coffee with him soon so I could thank him personally for his latest act of kindness to our charity. So I wished Henry well and said with a smile, ‘See you soon!’

Just 36 hours later we learned that we and the dogs had lost a dear friend.

We have and will continue to provide as much support and assistance as we can as Angelika carries on helping so many dogs that she and Wong Yi used to care for and watch over together. Please join us in honoring Wong Yi’s memory by donating today, so that the strays he cared about so deeply—along with those fortunate enough to now be cared for in Angelika’s home—will continue to receive the love and care they need.

What is ACT?

ACT is the only registered charity performing animal rescue in northern Taiwan around the clock—and often in very difficult situations. We save the lives of animals who had almost no hope and give them the best life we can. The bulk of our work is rescuing stray dogs maimed by the illegal gin traps and wire snares that plague the Taiwan countryside. Because of our fondness for Henry and Angelika, we extended our range of operation to include the area around their home and thus the stray dogs and puppies that they work tirelessly to feed, protect, and rescue.

The British charity has saved and rehomed a number of suffering ChiaYi strays at Henry and Angelika’s request over the years—always fuelled by delicious coffee and German chocolates that Angelika insists we accept as a gesture of their gratitude, even though it should be us always thanking them for the love they have always shown the stray dogs of Taiwan.

When we heard the terrible news of Henry’s passing, my wife, Judy, and I immediately agreed that we must do all we can to help Angelika with the burden of caring for all her rescued strays and those she feeds and watches out for on the dangerous roads close to their home. We were very happy when Henry’s family reached out to us with an idea: for ACT to assume the financial burden of the dogs that Henry deeply cared for, supported by the kindness of his family and friends.

Being the only people Angelika trusts to help with the dogs in her home, we also lend a hand whenever Angelika needs time away or has a difficulty that we can make easier, such as getting the more challenging ones to the vet. That support from ACT will always be there. We owe it to Henry and are so happy to continue his legacy. Angelika has shared her deep gratitude for your support and expressed how much it would mean to her, and to Henry, for you to contribute to the cause they shared.

One of the most impactful ways to support Angelika’s ongoing efforts and honor Henry’s memory is by setting up a recurring donation. Regular contributions provide a steady source of funding, which enables us to plan and allocate resources more effectively for the care and rescue of animals in need. By choosing to make a weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual donation, you can help ensure that Angelika’s work—and Henry’s legacy—continues to thrive. Your consistent support will be greatly appreciated and will make a significant difference in the lives of countless strays.

Sean McCormack

Founder and Executive Director, Animal Care Trust
and grateful friend to Henry and Angelika

Yes! I want to donate in memory of Wong Yi so the strays he cared about so passionately will always get the help they need.

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In Wong Yi's memory

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