Sir Viver—The Stray Dog Who Has Lost All His Feet

In the heart of Taiwan's natural beauty, a story of extreme suffering and survival unfolds with Sir Viver, a dog whose life has been dramatically altered by the cruelty of snares.

A Rescue That Touched Our Hearts

Our encounter with Sir Viver began with a call from Steve, a kind-hearted Taiwan resident vacationing in southeastern Taiwan. He found Sir Viver in a desperate state, with two legs ensnared and two already lost to previous injuries.

Sir Viver as Steve found him

Sir Viver’s Journey to Safety

After Steve’s initial help, we took over Sir Viver’s care. His condition was critical, with extensive necrosis and severe infections threatening his life. We headed out at 4 AM to embark on a 15-hour round trip to bring him to a 24-hour vet in Taipei for the urgent, round-the-clock care he needed. When we arrived in the southeast of the island, we were shocked at just how thin and weak the big dog was. But, on the drive back, he amazed us all by sitting up in the back seat and resting his head on the rest between the front seats. we took it as a positive sign that he still has strength to get through this.

Steve bidding Sir Viver farewell as we embark on the seven-hour drive back to Taipei

The Battle for His Two Remaining Paws

The vets in Taipei were fantastic and were already on standby for when Sir Viver arrived. They immediately got to work taking blood and assessing the big guy’s condition. It was determined that he needed emergency amputation of the necrotic front leg, but his blood pressure was too low. So the doctors put Sir Viver on fluids and booked the operating theatre for this morning in the hopes that his condition might improve. But they warned us he might not survive the operation—or even make it through the night. But everyone was in his corner to give him the best chance possible.

Latest Update

The most recent news from the vet brings a mix of hope and heartache. They told us this afternoon that surgery went very well this morning, with Sir Viver losing most of his front-right leg to save him from sepsis. But they worked hard to save as much of the back leg as possible and have fitted the weak stray with a tube into his stomach to ensure he can get plenty of nutrition. Incredibly, they said that he may be strong enough to leave hospital in a few days!

Sir Viver’s Spirit Shines Through

Throughout this ordeal, Sir Viver has displayed an incredible spirit. He’s quiet and stoical, enduring his pain with a resilience that inspires us all. His gentle nature, even in the face of such terrible pain and adversity, reminds us why we fight so hard for animals like him.

How You Can Help

As we approach the festive season, let’s remember those who need our help the most. Sharing Sir Viver’s story raises awareness of just how much the strays of Taiwan can need a helping hand—and your kind support is vital for that to happen. Please support our vital animal-rescue mission. We’re not a rich charity but work tirelessly to transform the lives of Taiwan’s suffering stray and wild animals. Become a donor today—it’s all we want for Xmas! For the gift that keeps on giving, you can become a recurring donor for as little as £5 per month.

Transforming a Life Is Just a Click Away

Your support for animals like Sir Viver is invaluable, and we’ve made it as easy and secure as possible for you to help. Our donation form is embedded right here in the blog, ensuring a seamless and safe experience. You can choose from a variety of payment methods, including PayPal, debit and credit cards, Google Pay, and Apple Pay. Every donation, whether a one-time gift or a monthly contribution, goes directly towards the care and rescue of animals in need. So, take a moment to fill out the form and join our mission to transform lives – it’s straightforward, secure, and every bit of help makes a huge difference.

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Sir Viver’s story is a powerful reminder of the impact of kindness. Together, we are making a huge difference in the lives of Taiwan’s suffering animals.

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5 Responses

  1. I lived in Taiwan for about 18 months, I wish I’d have known about you then. I would have given up so much time you help you as much as I could. The work you all are doing is just amazing – thank you so much for all the strength, heartbreak & joy you must go through. A donation is on it’s way. I wish it could be more, but will send another when I can. Thank you x

    1. Thank you for the kind words and support, Carol. It is indeed heartbreaking, and we have had to grow a very thick skin to deal with the cruelty and injustices we face constantly. But we’re very much inspired by the huge amount of kindness extended to our animals and our work to help them. Small donations are a big help too! Thank you for that.

    2. We just saw your donations, Carol—thank you so much! Did you realise you donated twice? If that was an accident, please just let me know and I’ll fix it. Thank you again very much for your kindness. And happy Yuletide!

  2. How is the lovely dog now, I can pay for a dog wheelchair for him. Is there anyone that can make a custom one for him. My dogs and cats are all rescues- I rescued them myself and they needed like this strong doggie lots of operations and now they have a home and I sit on the floor they have everything else. Contact me if you can adopt him so that I can pay for his wheelchair xxx

    1. That’s very kind of you, Karen—thank you so much! Your animals all sound so very lucky to have you. Sir Viver is still at the vet, and he’s fighting a serious infection. We’re going to see him tomorrow. If all goes well, we’ll look into getting prosthetics for him and also a wagon. And a wheelchair would also be fantastic. Basically, dogs can’t use prosthetics or a wheelchair too long at a time, so we’d love to get him both. We truly appreciate your kindness and will drop you an email once Sir Viver is out of the woods and in our care. We’ll hopefully post an update about him tomorrow. X

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