Turbo’s Whirlwind Tale: The Wind-Farm Stray for Whom Life is Now a Breeze

An injured stray dog's whirlwind journey from a wind farm to a loving home—Turbo has been through the mill but life is now generating new opportunities for this young ball of energy.

An Easy Rescue

Our adventure with Turbo started with a tip about an injured dog living in wind-turbine park on the northern tip of Taiwan. Guided by the wind-farm staff to the closest turbine, we found Turbo snoozing under an observation deck. To our surprise, he came bounding over when we called out to him, allowing us to leash him up without hesitation.

Turbo’s First Steps Towards a New Life

After a quick check for other injuries and realising he had no microchip, we decided the friendly stray needed to get his open wound seen by a vet. Turbo, albeit a bit bewildered by the leash, willingly walked to our rescue vehicle. With just a little encouragement, he hopped into the back seat, where he happily helped his rescuer watch the road ahead.

A Model Patient

At the vet, Turbo’s wound was cleaned and sutured. He also received a full health check-up, including neutering, vaccinations, and a new microchip. Throughout it all, Turbo showed remarkable calmness and trust. Clearly, he is very used to people, which makes us wonder how he ended up living on the street.

A New Chapter in a Loving Home

Today, Turbo is experiencing the warmth of a potential forever home. He’s currently on a trial adoption with a family that includes one of our former animal-care staff, and he’s already been accepted by their female corgi, Qolo. It’s heartwarming to see him getting along with their young son.

A Happier Life and Healthier Diet

Turbo has adapted well to his new, healthy raw diet and is enjoying the comfort and love of his new surroundings. His stitches are set to be removed soon, marking another step in his journey of healing and happiness.

Your Support Makes These Happy Endings Possible

Turbo’s story, from a stray at a wind farm to a cherished family member, is a journey made possible by the kind support of people like you. To help transform the life of more strays like Turbo, please consider becoming an ACT donor today. You can donate easily and securely via debit card, credit card, PayPal, Google Pay, and Apple Pay.

Every rescue story is unique, and with your continued support, we can ensure more animals find their happy endings. Stay tuned for more updates and tales of transformation.

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