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Take a look at the ongoing campaigns that still need funds—you could kick-start a specific fundraising appeal or help one towards its target figure—maybe you’ll be the one who smashes through the goal!

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The ACT Wish List

Help make one of our wishes come true!

Some of the items listed are things we need regularly; some are one-offs. If a one-off, please only send us the amount we need; if it’s something we use regularly, then feel free to donate as much as you like. We are grateful for anything you can gift to the charity, as it will be he;ping the animals. If you would like to donate by purchasing for ACT, please click on the photo to learn how. If you prefer to go buy the items yourself (or maybe you have something already), please be sure to get the correct type (for example, our cats prefer wooden pellets for their litter trays, not clay, which we also find very difficult to use). If in doubt, please drop an email to [email protected]. All donated items can be sent to the following address, BUT PLEASE EMAIL US BEFORE SENDING/DELIVERING ANY ITEMS: ACT The Cats’ Cradle 29 TingTao Street SanZhi District New Taipei City 25172 TAIWAN

Please note we cannot accept the following:

  • Commercial dog or cat food (we can sometimes use cans, but never pellets; please email us first)
  • Homemade dog treats, used dog treats, and raw hides
  • Plant-based oils (flax-seed. hemp, coconut, etc.)
  • Toner cartridges, old computers, computer equipment (mice, keyboards, monitors, printers, etc.)
  • Medications and medical supplies, including syringes 
  • Padded dog beds (chew-proof beds are always welcome)
  • Used litter boxes 
  • Confetti shredded paper
  • Old clothing (T-shirts, socks, etc.)
  • Blankets, comforters, pillows, pillow cases, and sheets       
  • Anything that is broken or has missing pieces
  • Anything that has not been thoroughly cleaned

Click on any Item below to learn how/where to buy it.

Also, check out our charity Wish List at the bottom.

If you need more info, please email [email protected]

Things We Always Need

These are things that we use regularly and often, so feel free to send as much or as often as you like after first emailing us to be sure we can make proper use of your kind gift for the animals.

Fish oil and other ocean-based eFAs—about £24.19 each

We add omega-3 to our dogs' and cats' daily meals. You can choose from fish oil, salmon oil, mackerel oil, krill, etc., but not cod-liver or plant oils, please. Easily available in Taiwan.

SeaWEED or other green POWDERs—about ¢25.00

Our residents all benefit from seaweed powder added to their meals, but variety is great, and we can also accept green powders such as spirulina, kelp, blue-green algae, Irish moss, and dulce.

Other Healthy Supplements

Some of our rescues require specific supplements to help with their specific condition. The kind of supplements we use often are curcumin, probiotics, and L-carnitine, but we can use many more.

healthy foods

Our dogs and cats get chicken wings, legs, and necks; eggs (including duck eggs); beef; lamb; any organ; garlic; raw apple-cider vinegar. No processed foods, please.

Some first-aid items

New rescues especially can go through a lot of iodine, bandages, pee pads, and watermelon powder—incredibly effective at healing even large wounds. easily available at pharmacies in Taiwan.

Wood-based cat litter

Our residents at The Cats' Cradle much prefer wooden pellets for receiving their bowel movements. Easy to clean up and dispose of, and nice-smelling too.

Cleaning products

We go though a lot of garbage bags, bleach, hydrogen peroxide, and baking soda. We can also use specialist shelter cleaning products, but check with us first.

One-off Items We Need Now

These are items that we are in urgent need of but not the kind of thing we need regularly. Mostly, they are equipment for catching or handling difficult animals safely and humanely—and mean we can get them to the vet more quickly.

Bite Sticks x 10—£4.00 each

Our dog-sanctuary and rescue teams are growing, and we are in urgent need of bite sticks, a humane tool to stop a dog biting that our staff need to carry at all times.

Cat Traps x 2—£78

Our humane cat traps are always in use, and our rescue team could really do with a couple of spare traps for their busiest cat-rescue times. Can buy similar in Taipei; email for info.

DOG Traps x 4—NT$7,000 each

We currently have two humane dog traps, but some situations need at least three traps set up in slightly different locations to ensure a quicker rescue. We can buy these is Taipei; email for info on how to get one for us.

DOG STRETCHER x 1—£112.88

One of our stretchers is damaged and we need a replacement while we send it away to be repaired—plus, it's always good to have a back-up.

Y-POLES x 4—£55 each

Even the most aggressive or difficult dogs can be safely and calmly examined and treated when these valuable tools are used correctly. Needed for both dog sanctuaries and rescue vehicles.

60" Quick-Release Dog Grasper x 2—£96 each

These are used to control a very difficult dog without them or us getting hurt. Great for getting a dog out of a tight spot. We currently have two but need two more.

Dog-Bite Protection Gloves X 4 pairs—£121.00 per pair

When we have to put our hands near the face of a dog who doesn't want to be touched, wearing these gloves means neither the dog's teeth or the handler's skin gets broken.

Cat-Bite-Protection Gloves X 2 pairs—£82.30 per pair

Cats can give very nasty bites and scratches when they don't want to be handled, and these gloves mean our staff can handle them safely and confidently—and more quickly.

Smart Trap Alarm X 4—£119.99 each

We'll have humane traps set in all kinds of locations to quickly and safely catch injured animals. This alarm tells us when a door has closed without us having to keep disturbing the trap.

Bite-Proof Slip Leads X 6–£10 each

Slip leashes are a safe and humane way of handling even the most difficult dogs. For everyone's safety, it's important the dog cannot bite through the lead.

Magnum Dog Net X 2—US$185.00 each

We've been using Magnum dog nets for two decades now simply because they are the biggest and best—a safe and effective way to catch an unfriendly dog who is within reach.

EZ Nabber 16" Complete Kit X 2—US$145.00 each

Cats who don't want to be handled can make rescue, transportation, and treatment very stressful for all parties. But the EZ nabber makes the whole process easy.

We can judge the heart of a person by their treatment of animals

ACT rescues hundreds of stray dogs and cats and wild animals from horrific cruelty at the hands of people who know better—around a quarter of our sanctuary dogs have lost at least one limb to cruel trapping devices that are illegal, yet we must keep pushing authorities to stop them. Our teams work tirelessly to catch and identify the perpetrators so that they can finally be put out of business.

We will never give up acting on behalf of the animals who need us—because kindness and compassion are what make the world a better place for us all. It’s a tough battle, but one we can win when good people stand behind us. Wherever you are, you can pledge to take action to improve the lives of suffering animals.

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