ACT carer Mégane reassures Poppy, a recently rescued stray puppy suffering from mange

Saving Taiwan's Suffering Stray & Wild Animals

ACT provides 24-hour emergency response and urgent veterinary attention to stricken stray and wild animals all over Taiwan—thanks only to the kindness of people like you who ensure these suffering animals can have the best chance possible of having their lives transformed.

Recurring donations change lives—again and again

Every donation ACT receives is greatly appreciated and put to immediate good use for the animals. Recurring donations help make our animal-rescue work more sustainable and enable us to spend less time finding funds and more time saving lives.

6 Easy Ways to Help Strays in Taiwan


Whether you have time, energy, skills, or knowledge to share, ACT would love to put you to good use for the animals.


Not in a position to commit to adopting? No problem! Temporarily fostering a dog or cat can be incredibly rewarding.

Fundraise—COMING SOON!

You can soon raise funds for ACT through peer-to-peer or team fundraising—just like crowdfunding but with more of the money going directly to the animals.


If you're in Taiwan and looking to adopt, we probably have the perfect dog or cat for you!

Very sick or badly injured stray or wild animals in Taiwan rely on the kindness of people like you to be saved.

Make a difference

Active Campaigns

If you would like to make a difference to the suffering stray and wild animals of Taiwan, you could make a general donation by clicking on the Donate button at the top-right of this page—or you could choose exactly how you would like your gift to make an impact by choosing one of the ongoing campaigns below. All donations, no matter how you decide to give, go directly towards benefiting the animals ACT rescue or in keeping the charity growing so that even more can be saved.

How ACT has made a difference since 1999

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Stray dog Penny at the time of her rescue, her leg slowly being amputated by an illegal wire snare meant for wild boar that she unwittingly stepped in

Please don’t look away.
She needs you.

This is a typical rescue for ACT: a stray dog who has fallen victim to one of the millions of illegal wire snares that plague the Taiwan countryside. We care for more amputee dogs than any other charity we know of: 53 and counting. We can only save them with your kind support. Really. Please help us save these poor innocent strays from this horrific cruelty. If your dog was in a dire situation like this, wouldn't you want them to be saved?

Kind words from ACT's volunteers & donors

Making a Life-changing Difference

Slide the handle to see how a little kindness and action can transform the life of a suffering dog, cat, or wild animal in Taiwan.

What Some Great Animal People Say About ACT

<center>Dr. Jane Goodall DBE</center>
Dr. Jane Goodall DBEWorld-renowned Primatologist, Environmentalist, Animal Rights Activist, and UN Messenger of Peace
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"You are doing such an amazing job.
I am so proud of you."
<center>Dr. Brian May CBE</center>
Dr. Brian May CBEQueen Guitar Legend, Founder of Save Me Trust, and Prominent Campaigner for Animal Rights
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"I take my hat off to you
for achieving so much for animals."
<center>Todd Henderson</center>
Todd HendersonAssociate Producer of 'Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan', Independent Filmmaker, Writer, Director, Producer
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"I’ve met extraordinary people in the dog world over the years but what you and Judy and the team do is like nothing else! Flat out some of the most remarkable people I’ve met . . . The way they rescue stray dogs . . . was deserving of a TV show!"
Jill Robinson MBE
Jill Robinson MBEFounder and CEO, of Animals Asia Foundation
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"I follow your rescues that seem almost impossible to achieve and shudder to think where those wretched dogs would be now without you and your team. 24/7 you do this - no words for how loved and respected you are."

We can judge the heart of a person by their treatment of animals

ACT rescues hundreds of stray dogs and cats and wild animals from horrific cruelty at the hands of people who know better—around a quarter of our sanctuary dogs have lost at least one limb to cruel trapping devices that are illegal, yet we must keep pushing authorities to stop them. Our teams work tirelessly to catch and identify the perpetrators so that they can finally be put out of business.

We will never give up acting on behalf of the animals who need us—because kindness and compassion are what make the world a better place for us all. It’s a tough battle, but one we can win when good people stand behind us. Wherever you are, you can pledge to take action to improve the lives of suffering animals.

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We can all be kind to animals